Looking for a Reason to Use The Pointe Shoe Anti-Bunion Stretcher by Tamara Rojo ®? Here are some:
See what professional and students have to say about their experience.

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I use it already for every single new pair of pointe shoes to make the box wider. It really helps for anyone that has a hard time with the bunion. I like that it also has a top layer that pushes the front side of the box, so it doesn’t only open the width, it makes the whole box larger and the toes don’t get pressed. When I have a busy schedule, shows every day, I need to use more pointe shoes then usual and my feet get swollen and not ready to start another new pair, I leave them over night inside and they are good to go😊. Very smart designed too so I truly recommend this amazing tool for any ballet dancer.😊


Hanna: After tried moleskins and gel-filled pads, now I am using this wonderful device with excellent results as allows a better adaptation of my feet to the pointe shoes which reduces the pain and allows me to dance more comfortably. Easy use, reliable and price-worthy.