Tamara Rojo biography

After given to the English National Ballet a new artistic allure, Tamara Rojo was appointed Artistic Director of San Francisco Ballet in January 2022. She joins the Trailblazing Cultural Institution as First Female Artistic Director in the Acclaimed Dance Company’s 89-Year History.

A professional dancer since 1991. After an injury and an unfortunate surgery in 2002, her incipient bunion became enormous. Faced with the unfortunate situation, Tamara Rojo suggested to her father the creation of a specific dilating stretcher for her pointe shoes, capable of expanding the wings of the vamp where the bunion is housed. After several prototypes, they achieved the proper device capable of reducing the oppression in the bunion, relieve discomfort, helped her dance more comfortably and, in addition, use the appropriate pointe shoe size for her foot. Since 2002, Tamara uses the same first two Pointe Shoe Anti-Bunion Stretcher manufactured at the time.

Concept Boreal S.L. was established in 1998 in Madrid, Spain and since, is dedicated, among others services, to design and develop processing equipment for the food industries and custom research programs on safety and efficiency. For The Pointe Shoe Anti-Bunion Stretcher by Tamara Rojo ® Concept Boreal S.L. coordinates the fabrication, the quality control and sales, with the commitment to provide the highest quality product and best possible service to professional dancers and students.

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